A Spark

A spark is a necessity for survival, and I was in desperate need of one. I was feeling burned out. Burning on both ends. I felt dull. I was praying privately about a few fires in our life and adding anything else to my calendar or to-do list felt…too-much. My commitment to the Lord about the podcast was simple, please use this for whoever listens to share hope and healing. I did not tend the fire, whatever downloads were happening were from organic searches. Every now and again I would get a notification for a listener or an email here or there but I had no give to fan the flame. I asked the Lord, what he wanted me to do because giving it up just did not feel like what he wanted.

Over the last 7 years, I feel I am closer to understanding my heart’s message (God can redeem all things, especially the unimaginable) with a better understanding of my audience (those suffering from shame and guilt and people who doubt the goodness of God), and how to serve them (listen to understand and point them to a loving Savior).

I was praying. I had ideas for shows and messages on my heart but I was stuck.


I was gifted a VIP ticket to Spark Media Conference. And being in rooms with other creatives who serve God through podcasting fanned a flame. Meeting women who were sharing some of my fears and deepest laments reminded me of a God who ordained every step.

From my sweet friend who drove me and shared her room with me to the conversations at the tables and the tips, tricks, and ideas…it was all that I needed.

God is using the Accidental Hope Podcast, thank you Jesus for this ministry!

I gave God my “yes” and I’ve watched Him do things I can’t make up.

Charting in countries for people who are searching this very heavy topic of accident with fatality.

Watching God connect listeners to people who have trusted me with their stories. What an honor and privilege to witness from obedience. I am grateful.