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Resource for those that have experienced an accident and seek hope and healing from a faith perspective.


  • Accidental Hope | S2 Episode 47: Journeying through God's Word (w/ Tera Elness)
    In this week's episode Jennifer interviews Tera Elness. They discuss maturing in faith and relationship with God's Holy Word. It's truly a journey – as you fall deeper in love with God you learn to trust Him. As you learn to trust Him your relationship becomes effortless investing in the your life's journey with Him. […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | S3 Episode 70: Sharing Shorty's Story with Esperanza Arellano
    In October of 2017 Esperanza's son Elias "Shorty" at age 17 and a senior in high school was involved in a tragic accident involving fatality. The Arellano family had for many years been involved with  addiction recovery outreach, work with homelessness and specifically a strong prison ministry, never did they believe that prison would affect […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | S3 Episode 69: Passion & Purpose with Marci Corry
    In this episode Jennifer visits with founder of Safe2Save App, Marci Corry to talk about passion and purpose. She is devoted to seeing change  in safer driving across the country. In a near fatal accident Marci was grateful to be alive and her faith became stronger. To find more about the Safe2Save Mission and how […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | Episode 13: Tragedy, Guilt & Grace (Duane Miller pt. 3)
    Today, Jennifer continues her interview with Duane C. Miller, the author of the book, Survivor: A story of Tragedy, Guilt & Grace. The book recounts Duane's experience as a 17 year old nature lover and canoeing enthusiast, when a canoe trip into the Canadian wilderness ended with three young men losing their lives. He shares […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | Episode 8: Interview with David Peters (pt 2)
    Jennifer continues her interview with Reverend David Peters, who served his brothers in arms as an enlisted Marine and Army Chaplain, deploying to Baghdad Iraq in 2005. He shares a humble and honest account of what it is like to live with and overcome traumas and P. T. S. D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). 
  • Accidental Hope Podcast: Episode 9 – Interview with David Peters (pt. 3)
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | Episode 19: The Power of Your Story (w/ Elizabeth Oates)
    In this episode, Jennifer interviews Elizabeth Oates, founder of Collab Conference for Writers & Mastermind. They talk about the power of sharing your story, rewrtting your story through an identity in Christ versus your circumstances. Elizabeth's message offers us inspired and hope-filled encouragement. Elizabeth Oates is a blogger, speaker, multi-book author and founder of Collab-Conference […]