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Resource for those who have experienced an accident and seek hope and healing from a faith perspective.


  • EFT Tapping and Prayer for Racing Thoughts Episode 87
    I am not a licensed practitioner but I have used these tools to help cope, I hope these are helpful for you to research and try. What helps you manage your anxiety? I would love to know. Always seek professional help and never use this podcast or blog as a substitute.Podchaser xGSpsKqi4e2TYKUQHCcXWant to support the […]
  • Defining Redeemed, Freely She Sings Ep 86
    In this episode, my friend "Stephanie" shares her story of healing from Complex PTSD. Her childhood was horrific which included child trafficking. She survived only to become what she feared after a serious accident left her with charges of child abuse. But God had another song for her, a redemptive story and hope for healing. […]
  • Wrestling and Weeping: God's Sovereignty with Missy Linkletter Ep 85
    Missy Linkletter joins us today to discuss her grief journey after losing her oldest son, Justin in an accident and her hope found in God's promises. Missy is a speaker, Bible study teacher, and a published author. She lives with her husband and four children in Arizona. She’s an avid thrift-er,  loves all things Chipotle, […]
  • Honoring Dr. Maryann Jacobi Gray, Founder of The Hyacinth Fellowship, Friend and Champion Ep. 84
    This episode is a tribute to the life, legacy, and work of Dr. Maryann Jacobi Gray. She touched the world with research, sharing a message of courage, hope, healing, self-compassion, and agency among many more thoughtful topics. She was a humanitarian, dedicated to making the world a better place. Please visit her tribute page to […]
  • Trusting Romans 8: 28 My Grief is not like yours with Theo Boyd Ep. 83
    Trigger warning notice, this episode contains sensitive content about suicide. Author Theo Boyd, a former school teacher shares her experience with grief in a raw account of the unintentional death of her mother and how her father a retired pastor feels responsible. His grief led to his devastating suicide and Theo was forced to grieve […]
  • Be an Ambassador of Hope the Commencement Speech 2 Corinthians 5:20 Ep 82
    2 Corinthians 5:20 We are called to be ambassadors for Christ.This is the speech I would have given dedicated to all who suffer after unintentional harm. This is my song of post-traumatic growth.  Good things can happen again. You are worth the fight! Be an Ambassador of Hope where you are called. Thank you to […]
  • Mental Health Breakthrough Emotional Code Therapy with Eileen Love Ep. 81
    On today's show, hear from Emotional Code Therapy Practitioner Eileen Love. She shares her heart for helping those suffering from trauma to be healed and restored for God's glory. For more information to reach Eileen go to, Restandrenewal@pm.me.Additional resources found: https://discoverhealing.com/the-emotion-code/the-emotion-code-chart/Want to support the show? Like, share, subscribe, follow, or leave a review! We have also […]