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Resource for those that have experienced an accident and seek hope and healing from a faith perspective.


  • Accidental Hope Podcast | S3 Episode 70: Sharing Hope Through Shorty's Story with Esperanza Arellano
    In October of 2017 Esperanza's son Elias "Shorty" at age 17 and a senior in high school was involved in a tragic accident involving fatality. The Arellano family had for many years been involved with  addiction recovery outreach, work with homelessness and specifically a strong prison ministry, never did they believe that prison would affect […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | S3 Episode 69: Passion & Purpose with Marci Corry
    In this episode Jennifer visits with founder of Safe2Save App, Marci Corry to talk about passion and purpose. She is devoted to seeing change  in safer driving across the country. In a near fatal accident Marci was grateful to be alive and her faith became stronger. To find more about the Safe2Save Mission and how […]
  • In this episode Jennifer talks with mom-blogger and author Sarah Nelson about her devotional, A Perfect Storm. Sarah shares her journey through medical crisis and how in the midst of the storm the Lord is so near. Her thoughtful yet unconventional-style devotional is exactly what your heart might need while walking or recovering from a […]
  • In this episode Jennifer talks with public speaker and safe-driving advocate Jesse Schrake about the aftermath of his accident. He encourages us to make choices that honor God and the healing power of forgiveness and true identity in Christ.To find out more about the co-authored book with Amanda Watts and Jesse Schrake please visit Amazon: […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast S3 Ep 66: Hope Remains w/ The Gordon's & Casey
    In this episode Jennifer talks with both the family who lost a child in a tragic accident and the driver responsible. Despite what the world and flesh would want for this situation, God has worked the miraculous. God's supernatural grace has bonded them, suffering may turn your whole world upside down but hope remains when […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast|S2 Bonus: The Best Gift Ever, Living Organ Donation
    In this episode Jennifer visits with her friend Ralinda Fenton and donor recipient Stella Rubens about SWAP living organ donation. Six strangers brought together by blood type and now bonded by sacrificial love. The gift of life is the best gift ever! For more information about organ donation: https://www.kidney.org/transplantation/livingdonors/incompatiblebloodtype.Want to support the show? Like, share, […]
  • Accidental Hope Podcast | S2 Episode 65 Out of the Pit (w/ Bridget McCarthy)
    In this episode Jennifer talks with Bridget McCarthy Mom-blogger and founder of Averyday Ministries about heaven is our home, not this earth. She encourages everyone to get out of the pit and live a life of joy God called you to. For more information about her ministry please visit, https://www.averydayministries.com/. Or visit her blog, http://stumblingtowardsperfect.blogspot.com//Want […]