My Why, the Bridge Between Heartbreak & Healing

The why I had an accident involving fatality will drive you bananas! I would say the questions of which there are no answers can drive you bat-@!#* crazy!🙊 There isn’t a good “why” so I focus on “what now?”

The why I share openly my heart and experience, that list is simple.

LOVE ❤️ Link to Inaugural Episode

I love God who created me, who hears me, who goes before me and weaves a tapestry of life I am blessed to journey! That does not exclude the bad, ugly and heartbroken events on this journey. I share how my hope in Jesus and belief that my sins are forgiven because of work on the cross by my Savior. I share His love because it is for all and covers all.

I love my family and friends who challenge me and support me despite my flaws! Documenting my feelings is a place I can keep my thoughts so that people love me can walk this journey with me.

I also share so those that have traveled this awfully lonely path do not feel alone. I have a deep empathy and reservoir of love to give those that are hurting, those that walk this road as an accidental killer (CADI).

“Meet me on the bridge from heartbreak of the soul and path to healing” `Unknown

Waco, TX

I think a lot on the topics of love and grief. Sometimes I feel they are polar opposites but yet they are connected. We grieve because we love.

***Change in subject 🤪

I have always been drawn to the life of Moses. Possibly because Katy and Haven always wanted to hear “the baby Moses” story from their children’s bible. Over and over again.

There is connection there, he was raised in unique circumstances.

He was an accidental killer

He was timid but obedient

***another change in subject stay with me***🤣

When we were in Washington DC at the Bible Museum ( worth the visit I promise!)  there is an interactive walk through of Moses life. So moving, very well done!

I had an ah-ha moment.

What broke Pharaoh’s spirit…grief. What gave Moses the courage to do and say and act as he did…love for God and God’s People!

Moses saw his community (Jews) hurting and it stirred him driven by love. He also made mistakes driven by that same powerful emotion. 🔥

I get stirred up for my people, but it’s driven by love. I make mistakes but it’s rooted in that same place. There is so much value in community! When you have a support system treasure it! Protect it! Be willing to part the seas, trudge mountains and wander deserts for it! 🙌🏻

Dear CADI,

You are loved! You are worthy of love, BIG love, you have a chance to change your world! You have experienced earth-shattering pain and still breathing. Your healing is a gift! 🙌🏻 The acceptance of this means love wins, the accident did not defeat you!!You have overcome, so walk in that light not worried of what the world thinks of you because you know you are a survivor! Now find your why and live it to the best of your ability! Let questions that can’t be answered fall off your weary shoulders, embrace healing and go spread some love!

Love big and boldly!