A trip of a lifetime

For years we dreamed of a trip to Disney and Universal. At some point we had placed this trip as a trip of a lifetime, a bucket list item. It felt impossible because the money to afford this trip was something unattainable. We had let it rest but as the days neared knowing our oldest was leaving for college and our family dynamic was changing, it was now or never. We began to dream again.

We made a budget and a goal and it had to happen above our monthly budget, so we wrote it out and showed the family. We explained the sacrifice and commitment. We put in hours of Door Dashing, not eating out, trimming the budget, selling things from closets in both a yard sale and flea market…but we were short.

Habakuk 2: 2-3 Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

I started to make plan “b’s” and praying to the Lord that he would change the desires of our heart and I was so frustrated. I cried out to the Lord to help us and it felt selfish to ask for such a thing as a luxury trip. And then…

We got a phone call from a friend who happened to have a time share in Orlando. “Have you guys booked your hotel yet?” This question made a trip happen.

We entered a magical land and we said yes more to the kids than probably their entire lives. My heart was so full and grateful.  I wish I had more eloquent words but simply grateful says it all. In this photo it was our last day. We feasted as a family of six, and it hit us with tears and laughter. I’m certain the corner of The Leaky Caldron at Universal we sounded obnoxious. (But I don’t care) It was truly a great trip.

We made a second trip to drop Patrick off at TN. Hundreds of miles confined to the family van from Texas to Florida to Texas and to Tennessee and home. We said goodbye to my oldest son and there was total peace.  He was ready, and his happiness and excitement faded my grief and worry. I had nothing but tears full of pride, hope and expectation of his future.  Eighteen years in the making a trip of a lifetime.


To go back even for just a moment!!!😭

To go back in time if only for a day…

After picking up Chris and Patrick from their trip to Dominican Republic we stayed a while on the coast. There were some tears and the euphoria of missing one another lasted at least 12 hours before squabbles emerged, and things got real with 1 bathroom and 6 people but it was perfect! We attempted to recreate a photo from 2013, I don’t know who came up with this concept, but they are brilliant. I’ve seen them on Facebook and it always captures my heart,I am hoping to start a “thing” looking at the comparison stings a little, a lot! As they grumbled about hot sand, the do we have to do this and we were way past lunch time I did not react to the complaining or grit through my teeth about how this family beach pic WAS Happening!!! Instead, I smiled and soaked it all up because one day they will thank me! Patrick will turn 16 this fall and so that means I have 2 maybe 3 more summers together if the good Lord allows. Time shows no mercy I am starting to feel what I have heard other moms describe.
I looked at this picture from 2013 and I remembered the chaos, the sweet crazy that I would love to step into even for just a day. I would hold tight each of those smaller bodies that would still fit in my lap. Haven was still nursing, there were no cell phone distractions, it was loud and exhausting but life was simpler. The mom in this pic didn’t completely realize how precious time was, even though I knew not to sweat the small stuff, I did! I was also a chronic yeller. I was uptight and when I look at the small faces from 2013 I think about how I saw them as big, especially Patrick, oh how my heart aches to turn back time. I would have wrestled with them instead telling them to knock it off! I without hesitation would have snagged a few more snuggles in my lap!
We really didn’t or shouldn’t have splurged on a week vacation to Corpus/San Antonio but thankful I don’t listen to that voice either anymore! Wether it was financially responsible can shove it because time has no mercy, 5 years was just a blink, poof half a decade, bigger feet, longer legs, and way more opinions! I am so very blessed with this life, my crazy chaos, they have my heart!!! ❤️
There aren’t many things I am grateful for from my accident but I now realize in a very real way that tomorrow is not promised, be present in the moment, it’s ok to be loud and silly, even reckless occasionally!
So completely grateful, the Lord is so faithful!!